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This band was found after r'n'b outfit Pigpen & the Hoovers split up in the end of '94. Remaining members Stefan Simon (g, voc), Michael Loewe (voc), Ralf Rühmann (b) and drummer Jens Langeheine decided to check out other directions. The logic progression led directly to the garage zone. Stefan, known to be a recordcollector of 60s punk and psychedelia, suggested to play alltime classics by bands like: 13th Floor Elevators, Moving Sidewalks, Beacon Street Union, Electric Prunes...

In January '95 Henning Fricke (g, voc) and Heinrich Bietz (g) joined the band. The bands name was found quite accidently. During a rehearsal a good friend of Stefan was asked, what he thinks about the just heard sounds: "Well, it's like my dream comes through!", he plainly replied. So then it seems like they're "Arthur's Dream". In August they played their first gig at the Schwüblingsen Open Air, as a quintet (Henning attending a Rolling Stones show in Prag), which was taped on video. In September they supported a Tschernobyl Benefiz Concert. After working out countless covers, the band was now going to develop originals. Stefan seemed to be the main force for writing songs and lyrics, but not with an authoritarian approach how to play. Everyone has enough space to bring in musical ideas. This wall of sound line-up lasted for that year, until Heinrich had to quit, after getting auditory problems. He is still around as a technician and sound engineer for the band. During the next couple of years, Arthur's Dream played regularly the pubs and clubs of their home town as well as some bike-shows, private parties and even public merry-makings. In the end of August '98 they had the great pleasure to play a concert with the fantastic italian band Running Stream at the UJZ in Peine. After this gig, a good friend of the band mentioned that they needed an organ player. But you ought to be careful with these guys. Although he'd never played any instrument before this guy was declared to check out Stefan's organ. After two weeks of learning organ basics, Dirk Niehoff had to play at the next challenge. It happened in December, again at the UJZ, when they had to open a two days festival of independent music. Known to be a venue for hardcore punk and crossover music, they managed to point out the puzzled crowd where the energy of punkrock started. Dirk's organ playing fitted perfectly.

In January ' 99 Arthur's Dream started working on their long awaited debut CD: Lost Inside The Granary, which is indeed their rehearsal room (details can be found on the innersleeve). In April they really enjoyed playing support for the Alchemyths and the Bevis Frond at the UJZ. Both bands encouraged the guys to keep it going. Steve Kroll suggested to do the CD - mixing and help to work out the artwork via PC. He's now an intigrated part of future projects.

Lost Inside The Granary was released in September 1999 on RAYS-RECORDS in Hildesheim. After a couple of weeks Michael Loewe decided to quit the band and was replaced by Schocker aka Jens W Bertram, former singer of the Otto Hahn Revival Band who released two powerpop singles in the mid-eighties. In February 2000 he made his unofficial debut with Arthur's Dream playing along with the Giraffemen at a party at the UJZ. The crowd of 200 guests was definitly surprised by the new line-up playing high-energetic versions of alltime beloved classics like "Invisible People" or "Long Days Flight". This brillant test-gig was recorded on hard-disk and is availible for nearly next to nothing. Interested connoisseurs of 60's psychpunkrock are welcome to ask for it. The second official CD is planned and recordings will be started in May. So, stay tuned and send us your mails.

So, if you're interested in more details about Arthur's Dream, you're always welcome to send us your feedback and inspiration to bring in, whatever you like to know about this dream. Remember: " weird things happen..."